Elbow Loop Teaser Tour

The perfect introductory tour for all those wanting to experience the back-country on horseback.

The Elbow Loop Teaser Tour is intended for outdoor and horse loving people that want to start easy or don’t have the time to join our weeklong trips . The tour is also a great choice for groups and families of mixed experience levels.

trail ridesItinerary

Day 1 (Tuesday) Plan to arrive at the ranch between 9:30 and 10:00 am to check in. After an introducing our team we will teach you the basics about horse handling and horsemanship. You will then be hands on and get to know your four-legged partner for the next few days as well as learn to groom and tack. After lunch we will go for a relaxing afternoon ride on the ranch. After we took care of our horses, you will issue your kit bag (duffle bag, sleeping bag and mattress).Dinner is served in our guesthouse, where you will sleep in a comfortable bed for the night.

Day 2 (Wednesday) After breakfast, we will ready our horses, load up on drive to a Little Elbow Trailhead. We will load up the packhorses with the gear and food needed for the next few days and ride about 4 hours up the valley of the Little Elbow River to our campsite, located beneath the towering mountains of the Opal Range.

Day 3 (Thursday) After a hearty breakfast cooked over the campfire we will pack up camp, load up and ride past Tombstone Lake where we will stop for a break (and swim if you are keen), continuing over Tombstone Pass (7,400 ft/2,260m) to Tombstone camp. Depending on the pace we set it will take about 4.5 hours to get there. Keen riders can go on an evening ride without packhorses to see the Sheep Lakes (2 hours return), while others can relax in this pretty campsite.

Day 4 (Friday) Once again, we break camp in the morning and continue the loop down the headwaters of the Big Elbow River into the valley. After Lunch we take a short detour and explore a hidden waterfall thundering down a cliff. We will reach our final destination (where we started 3 days ago). Back at the ranch we will have to say our good bye’s  – but hopefully we have whet your appetite for more adventures in the back-country!

Dates 20183 - 6 July
21 -14 August
4 - 7 September
Price per Person$ 1,395
(Price includes 1 night in guest house, 2 nights in camp, all meals)
Recommended forall levels of riders that are physically fit and healthy
Pace and TerrainEasy trails without exposed sections, mostly walking, some trots and canters are possible if the experience level of the groups allows for it.
Some river crossings and rocky sections
Accommodation1 night in guest house (price includes accommodation in shared room, single rooms are available upon request for a surcharge of $40)
2 nights in camps, we use a combination of large tarps and small pup tents
maximum group size6 guests

Tombstone Mountain

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