Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

We love to hear your feedback. Always striving to be better, we are curious about your opinion. Many guests stay in touch after they have been on trips with us. One of our guests was so enthusiastic, she designed a website about her trip to Alberta. Visit her site and see her gorgeous photographs or read through the diary. Many thanks to Tori for her effort!

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Even though it’s already quiet some time ago, I’d like to thank everyone again for the great time we had at the High Plains Drifter! The organization was perfect which allowed us to enjoy the scenery and adventure of the trip without any worries. Michele Hess, Switzerland

The host and guide were awesome. Not only excellent horsemen but also they provided stimulating camp fire conversation on a variety of subjects – books, history, geography, scotch, etc. I highly recommend this host, guide, ranch and their awesome mountain horses and beautiful scenery. submitted through Hidden Trails by Tony Carver, US

Thank you very much, the Calendar can go up with my jeans which are currently being framed… they haven’t been washed and are being framed with the map you gave us…they hold too many stories to be washed or chucked and with the blue tape I think they look pretty cool. Scott Grendall, UK


Hallo Undine, hello Neil, your present has arrived yesterday. Many thanks! The pictures make us want to come again. Horseback riding in Canada is the type of vacation we really like the best. We wish you all the best for the New Year, happy horses, and many nice guests. Petra and Manfred (Germany)

Hi everyone ! Just to let you know I am home and back in the saddle again – classes are in full swing. I haven’t figured out how to get back for the ride in the fall yet but give Fire a hug and a carrot for me. Thanks again –    I really needed a break. (…) Thank you again for such a great experience. Kathleen (Ontario)

Thank you Undine for the wonderful ride yesterday. Everybody was thrilled to be there. We’ll see you again in August. Valerie (Calgary) after a dayride

Dear Undine and Neil, Thank you so very much for sending Charles and me your calendar for 2007 – it has taken pride of place on my desk and I only wish, I was with you all when I look at it. (…)If you are in London please do let me know as it would be lovely to see you. I hope you are all well and please send my best regards to Jake, Hughie and Bill.” Camilla (London, UK)

Hi Neil and Undine. Thank you for the great trip, it was a fantastic experience and it won’t be the last! I have to put the pictures together and give you a write up on the trip. Dean and Shelley after the High Plains Drifter

Hi Undine, Bill and Jake, Got back to Toronto on Sunday night and have jumped right back into a life of crime…. (that’s the job…!). The vast open spaces of the mountains and the cool nights already seem long ago…. I am slowly going through my photos but I just wanted to write and say again how impressed I was with your trip, the locations and of the course the excellent horses (oh yes, and the sausages…..). Andrea and I are writing back and forwards about the various attributes of Gunner (looks like he’s always eyeing up something to eat) and Smoke (looks like he’s a pretty boy in all his photos). On part of our backpacking in the 2nd week we saw some of the route another ranch used for it’s 5 day trip and while the scenery was still big I definitely think your trails won out for adventure (as Bill reminded us of your name) and backdrops! (…) byeeee, Alex

Neil and Undine, Just a quick note to thank you all for a terrific holiday and an experience of a lifetime. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and looking back at the photos , we can`t believe we actually got through it. We haven`t stopped talking about it and friends either think we were mad or just very fortunate to be able to have done it. Neil’s knowledge of the area, horse trails, history was just amazing and wonderful to listen to. Again , thank you for everything and thank Daryl and Fred for their hospitality ( I will drop them a line anyway). Hope to be able to return next year. Maggie and Kevin, East Yorkshire, UK

Hi Neil and Undine, Thank you again to you both, and to Richard, and the horses for making our holiday one of the best ever. Keep in touch, Best wishes, Karin and Frank

Hi Neil and Undine, thanks for the lessons today and the great coaching. It was again great fun and also with extra lesson learnt. I hope we can see again soon next year because I’m eager to learn more, especially to hold the reins correctly in order to be a good guide for the horse. Meanwhile I will practice in sitting uprightly 🙂 during the winter days. Have a good one and a happy 2009. Mark, after a lesson

Hi Neil, I just wanted to drop you a little note to thank you so much for the patience and encouragement that you gave Steve and I on Friday. You have indeed succeeded in helping me gain some confidence on a horse after a very old bad experience and we are both looking forward to seeing you again for another ride in the future! Both of us had a really great experience – you were an excellent host and teacher; Emile and Fury are reflections of your skill! Have a great day and thanks again! Melanie McInulty, after a day ride