Our Corner of The Canadian Rockies

Tombstone Lake
Elbow Valley
Flowering Meadows

Kananaskis Country is a forest reserve of 4200 square kilometers stretching from the foothills to the Continental Divide. Throughout most of Kananaskis motorized vehicles are prohibited, so horse and foot are still the only ways to see the country. In the east, bordering the ranch country of Western Alberta, the foothills range from 4500 to 5000′ above sea level. Along the Continental Divide, higher peaks exceed 11000′ (3300 m) and remain snow covered throughout the year. The fast flowing rivers issuing from the mountains are crystal clear, having never passed a house or road. Kananaskis provided the backdrop to the hit movies “The Revenant”, “Bourne Ultimatum”, “Legends of the Fall” and “Brokeback Mountain”.

Many species of big game call this country home: elk, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, mule and white-tailed deer, cougar, black and grizzly bears. Spotting these magnificent but elusive animals is an extraordinary treat.

One of the advantages of riding with Moose Mountain Horseback Horseback Adventures is the opportunity to experience the varied terrain and ecology of the region.

Opal Range
Sheep Lakes