Response to the COVID-19 Crisis
Current as of 19 March 2020

The health and safety of our guests and staff are very important to us. We have reviewed the
latest recommended precautions regarding the spread of COVID-19 and currently can comply
with them with minor tweaks to our usual practices. We therefore plan to remain open because
our environment provides a low risk of transmission and we feel that people’s mental and
physical health is benefited by time outdoors and with horses.

We are taking the following additional steps in these unusual times:

Day Rides:
– We will not be mixing parties of strangers, and we will only accommodate a maximum of 4
riders at a time.
– We ask that guests take the extra precautions of washing their hands with soap & water before
and after riding and stay 2 m from our staff or other guests.
– Please cancel if you are feeling unwell. To support that, we are suspending our usual
cancelation policy and rides can be canceled up to 8:30 the morning they are scheduled without

Vacations: We share your anxiety for the summer holidays. So much is currently unknown. We
are not cancelling any trips yet, but are continuously evaluating the situation and will make a
“go/no go” decision one month before each scheduled ride. We ask your forbearance to wait
that long if you can. Knowing that these are exceptional circumstances beyond anyone’s
control, we are temporarily suspending our usual cancelation policy. We will not be charging the
balance owing on holidays until the week prior, and will offer a full refund of your deposit up until
2 weeks prior to departure.

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation on official sources and will follow
recommended or mandated precautions as they unfold. We wish you all good health.