Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy emphasizes respect for both the horse and the wilderness that we cherish so dearly. We seek to educate our guests in the skills that will enable them to enjoy both to the fullest. While we camp comfortably, we minimize our impact on the fragile alpine environment so as to preserve it for future generations. Most of our treks take place in Kananaskis Country, a 4200 square kilometer wilderness area stretching from the foothills to the Continental Divide. Other riding areas are the Prairies of southern Alberta and the foothills along Highway 22, also known as the Cowboy Trail. We choose our horses carefully, train them well and treat them in a respectful and natural way.

The M&M Ranch – Neil Maclaine

Moose Mountain Horseback Adventures was founded by Neil MacLaine in 1991 to meet the needs of horse enthusiasts and adventurers who wanted to experience the Rockies with a well-trained, athletic and responsive horse. He likes to call the business “a hobby that went hopelessly out of control”. With his endless enthusiasm for adventure he continues to personally guide many of the back-country and custom expeditions.  Neil’s love of nature, history and adventure is infectious, and his interests include canoe trekking, mountaineering and skiing, but he is happiest exploring the wilderness with an equally enthusiastic horse.

In addition to running the business, Neil has been involved with the Canadian Army since 1978, with a career culminating at the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel and commanding The King’s Own Calgary Regiment, a reserve reconnaissance unit.

Undine Maclaine

Undine stepped into Neil’s life in 2004 and they work with a shared passion for adventure, horses and nature. Undine looks after guest services, horse training, and marketing. She is an architect, and together they designed and built the guesthouse at M&M Ranch. Her equestrian background is in English riding, having competed in dressage and show jumping since her youth in Germany.

The Human Side of our Team

Our team includes a number of enthusiastic and knowledgeable people, some are family, and the rest are like family. There isn’t much money to be made in the horse industry, but the amazing and dedicated people who work here never tire of sharing their passion for this lifestyle with our guests.

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