We Love Riding Year Round!

In the winter, our ranch stays fully operational! We love taking guests out on trail rides to show them our beautiful winter wonderland. Come see us for a winter trail ride! Between 1 October and 30 April we also offer private and semiprivate lessons and special riding programmes for anyone who just can’t stop riding!

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Winter Trail Rides

Embrace the beauty of the winter season with us on one of our winter trail rides! We love showing everyone our stunning winter wonderland at the ranch. Winter is an amazing time to experience riding. GST not shown in prices below.

1.5 hour Winter Trail Ride $85.00 per person CAD
2 hour Winter Trail Ride $99.00 per person CAD
3 hour Winter Trail Ride $139.00 per person CAD

LOCALS DISCOUNT! Anyone with phone number starting with 949 or 931 can enjoy 30% off their ride

* Mondays-Fridays from 1 November-30 April

Lessons By the Hour for Individuals

Winter is a great time to spend some time outdoors and sharpen up your riding skills! Take lessons with us in the winter and join our Riders Club or get ready for the coming summer season! We offer both 1 hour and 1.5 hour lessons. GST not shown in prices below.

1 hour Private Lesson $85.00 per person CAD
1.5 hour Private Lesson $110.00 per person CAD
1 hour Semi-Private Lesson (2-4 riders) $75.00 per person CAD
1.5 hr Semi-Private Lesson (2-4 riders) $90.00 per person CAD

Moose Mountain Winter Riding Club

When: Every Saturday 10.30 am – 12:00 pm. Riders are required to arrive ahead of time to groom and tack their assigned horse before the ride as well as untack and groom after the ride.
Who: Must be comfortable grooming, tacking (under supervision), walk & trot independently, has cantered previously.
Details: Choose a maximum of 6 Saturdays out of 9 weeks
Rides are not transferable from one “season” to another and not transferable to other riders
Must be paid up front and is not refundable
Good to know: We will offer a maximum of 15 memberships per season – so reserve yours today!

M&M Ranch Riding Club

Become a member of our Saturday riding club! Choose up to 6 Saturdays per season to join a ride! A fun trail ride for intermediate or better riders on the M&M Ranch. All rides will be accompanied by a staff member. Rides may vary in length depending on weather and trail conditions.

Club Seasons

Fall Season

12 October – 7 December
$ 360 per person
Special ride: West Bragg Creek in November

Winter Season

4 January – 29 February
$ 300 per person
Special Ride: Moonlight Ride

Spring Season

7 March – 02 May
$ 360 per person
Special Ride: Azuridge

All Seasons together: $ 900 per person

M&M Ranch Riders – Punch Card

5 – 1.5 hour rides OR
4 – 2 hour rides OR                                                    for $350
3 – 3 hour rides

Rides must be booked in advance and are subject to availability
ONLY valid between 12 October 2019 and 30 April 2020
No refunds, not transferable

Call or Email to Find Out More Info

403 949 3329 | info@packtrips.ca