Can’t get enough of riding?

Are you someone who has a lot of riding experience and is looking for more opportunities to get out on the trail? Have you come for a few trail rides and want to make it a weekly or monthly activity to enjoy with your partner or family? Given that we are so close to Calgary, we have a variety of options that allow riders to come out on a more consistent basis. Whether you want to take lessons or do weekly riding, we’ve got several opportunities for you to get outside and enjoy time on our horses and beautiful property.

M&M Ranch Riding Club

Become a member of our riding club, a special program for people who want to ride more this summer! A fun trail ride for intermediate or better riders on the M&M Ranch. All rides will be accompanied by a staff member and may vary in length depending on weather and trail conditions. This is for people who have a skill level equivalent to Earn Your Spurs Level 2 and wish to ride regularly.

Prerequisites: Must be able to groom and saddle your own horse
Must be capable of balanced trotting
When? 15 June-15 Oct 2020
How much? Club membership $50
What do I get? 20% off all trail rides (lessons not included)
20% off if joining a scheduled packtrips. See our website for available dates
10% off merchandise
Inclusion on the mailing list for invitation to special events, exploratory rides, clinics, etc.
How do I sign up? Send us an email
*People we don’t yet know will need to book an evaluation

You are expected to groom and saddle your own horses under supervision and can confidently post a trot. If you have not taken our lesson programs before, you are welcome to book a lesson/evaluation to see if you are eligible!

Trail Miles Card

This is our first level of reward for repeat visitors! You are eligible for a Trail Miles Card if you have visited us at least once and know that you want to come back. We require an email address so that cards can be kept on file and your accumulated stamps can be kept track of. When your card is full, you will receive $50 off your next ride!

Card Stamps

1.5 hour Ride 1 stamp per each ride
2 hour Ride 2 stamps per each ride
3 hour Ride 3 stamps per each ride
Foothills Lunch Ride 4 stamps per each ride
Mountain Day Ride 5 stamps per each ride

M&M Ranch Riders – Punch Card

5 – 1.5 hour rides OR
4 – 2 hour rides OR                                                    for $350
3 – 3 hour rides

Rides must be booked in advance and are subject to availability
No refunds, not transferable

Call or Email to Find Out More Info

403 949 3329 |