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Air Canada enRoute Magazine

On an alpine adventure in the Alberta foothills, our city-slicker rider trades her fuzzy childhood fantasies for an up-close encounter of the horsey kind.

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The Cowboy Trail

Moose Mountain Horseback Adventures’ team of knowledgeable guides seeks to ensure that every rider experiences the best of Alberta’s unspoiled beauty …

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Travel Alberta

Moose Mountain Horseback Adventures offers year round riding for horse enthusiasts. Wilderness pack trips, ranch vacations, day rides, lessons and sleigh rides can be booked….

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The Calgary Herald

Indeed, few things say “Alberta” more than heading out on horseback in the rolling, aspen-coated foothills west of Calgary. This is idyllic cowboy country if there ever was….

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Foothills Visitor Guide

There’s a chance to saddle up and go for a trail ride in scenery so breathtaking it’s been captured on film by Hollywood….

Moose Mountain Horseback Adventures, located approximately 13 km south of Bragg Creek, offers trail rides in an area which such classics as Brokeback Mountain and Unforgiven were filmed. M&M Adventures offers a variety of riding experiences for all types of riders — from greenhorns to those who can comfortable sit tall in the saddle. It’s been a MacLaine family business since 1991.

“I enjoy being with people who share the same enthusiasm I have,” said Neil MacLaine, owner operator of Moose Mountain Horseback Adventures. “I also get to show them a part of the world that I am very proud of.”

Cool Jobs in Calgary

The Prairies have a beauty all their own … You feel like you’re discovering something for the first time. You ride over a ridge and look down into an empty coulee….

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Photo Essay

In 1999 a photo reportage was published in the German magazine St.Georg. You can download the complete report here … in German language.

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