4 lessons over
4 weeks

Break your learning up over the course of 4 weeks by signing up for our lesson block program.
Each lesson is 3.5 hours and teaches you the foundational horsemanship skills you need to hit the trails safely and with confidence.


Course Details
Learn about horse behaviour and how to safely be around horses,. Learn how to groom and  tack (using western tack). We will teach you how to safely mount a horse and basic riding aids that will help “communicating” with your horse. After some practice time in the arena, we will go for a short ride on the trails. The session ends with untacking, grooming and turning out the horses.
In the first part of the lesson you will learn how to catch and halter your horse, you will bring them in for grooming and tacking up. Then we will go over trail etiquette and we will solidify the riding skills we learned in lesson 1 by getting on and practicing both the arena and the trails.

In lesson 3 you will learn about basic horse anatomy and the parts of the tack we like to use. You will practice the skills previously learned then we try to pick up the pace by learning to ask for and control the horse at the trot. We will practice our skills on the trail and in the arena.

The last session has a sole focus on riding. We want to spend as much time as possible in the saddle for you to get comfortable with all your new skills. If the group is comfortable, we may even try a short canter on the trail.

  • appropriate attire for riding (long pants and sturdy, ankle high boots)
  • pen and paper to take notes
  • Water or your preferred non-alcoholic drink to stay hydrated during the day
  • Lunch
  • one instructor per 4 students to ensure maximum personal feedback
  • a handout that summarizes the content of the day
  • helmets