Tombstone Loop
7 day packtrip

experience level: intermediate-advanced

This trip starts in the mountains and gets you deeper. It was originally conceived to appeal to those who loved the Forget me not ride, and want to follow up with something similar in new territory, but can also stand on its own.


We will arrange pick-up from Calgary in the afternoon, either from the international airport or a hotel – please be sure to send us your arrival or hotel details. After an approximately 1 hour drive, you will be dropped off at M&M Ranch where we have a welcome meet & greet BBQ with all guests and the staff to give you and us the chance to get to know each other a bit. You will be able to ask questions and – most importantly – go over the plan for the next days, including weather forecast and reminders of what you need to bring. We will talk to you about your riding skills, preferences and dislikes in a horse so we can select a good match for you to ride over the next days.

You will then be issued a sturdy duffle bag, sleeping bag and mattress. After you check into your room, you will have time to pack and prepare for the trip and socialize with the other guests.

After breakfast, it’s time to meet “your” horse! We carefully pick a companion from our herd to match your abilities and physical size. While grooming and saddling, you will get the chance to acquaint yourself with your new friend.

Then we trailer to the Elbow Valley and ride into our Elbow Camp ~ roughly 4 hours

When arriving in camp, we take care of the horses, groom and feed them and then have time to rest ourselves with a good cup of cowboy coffee or tea. The camp is located near a small river that is refreshing on a hot day – for those who like to take a splash! Dinner is made over an open fire.

We will break camp after breakfast and load up the packhorses and ride up the Elbow River and over a pass to Rae Creek, where we’ll make a hasty camp for the night.

After breakfast we pack up again, and ride over Tombstone Pass to our camp on the Little Elbow

On day 5 we will explore the majestic Opal Range of mountains.

After breakfast we will pack up for the last time and head to a pickup point where the trucks and trailers await, return to the ranch for supper and a cozy night’s sleep

After breakfast, it’s time to say good bye. The shuttle will pick you up around 9.30 AM to take you back to Calgary. With you will be the memories of an unforgettable adventure in Kananaskis Country.

Ride the rockies

We start where the Forget Me Not left off – in the beautiful Elbow Camp. Over 5 days we’ll move with packhorses and occupy 3 camps in 3 different mountain valleys, separated by Tombstone Pass. Because we’re traveling with packhorses and very little of the trail is suitable for speed, most of this trip is done at a walk with the occasional trot.

We’ll cover roughy 100 kms in the Elbow, Sheep and Little Elbow valleys of Kananaskis Country.

The itinerary is an outline of what to expect, rather than a fixed agenda. We may have to alter the plan if conditions like weather, bear activity or river water levels make a trail unsafe.

intermediate +

days riding: 5

lodge nights: 2

tent nights: 4

intermediate + days riding: 5
lodge nights: 2 tent nights: 4


5 days of guided riding in Kananaskis Country, pick up from Calgary Sunday and return to Calgary Saturday, 2 nights in our guesthouse, all meals from Sunday night to Saturday morning.

The Details

Intermediate to experienced

Mostly walk on easy to rugged trails; trots and canters, some trail sections are very technical and require good balance and full control over the horse, rides range from 4 to 8 hours/day

  • 2 nights at the M&M Ranch ($50/night surcharge for single room applies)
  • 4 nights in camp (single tents available upon request at $50/night)

Max 7 Guests

Alcohol, 5% goods and services tax, gratuities.

2023 DATES
Arrival Departure Price Availability
July 30 Aug 5 $3,250 Full
Aug 27 Sept 2 $3,250 Available

Dining: Meals included from Sunday night – Saturday morning excluding Alcohol.

Single lodge room: $50/night surcharge single tents: $50/night available upon request

Ranch & ride: add more days at the lodge here


“My sister and I booked this pack trip as a low risk adventure we could have in the midst of covid. This was our first pack trip ever, but after this experience, we are already planning more.”


“As a horse owner that does day rides and overnight camps regularly in Australia, myself and friends did lots of research to try to find a Canadian Rockies Horseback Trip that would fit our requirements and expectations. What can I say, but Neil, Undine, Wendy and the rest of the Moose Mountain team totally met and exceeded our expectations. ”


“I first holidayed at M&M Ranch in summer 2005 with friends. I loved it so much I have returned every year since. Beautiful countryside, great atmosphere, good friends, a wide variety of well trained horses.
This is a lovely place to stay and experience Alberta, whether its just for a short ride around the property or for a pack trip adventure out in the Rockies.”