You have never been on a horse before or have ridden only a couple of times and have never received any instruction. The last time on horseback was so long ago you can hardly remember.


You have been on a horse a few times over the years and felt comfortable but have never taken any lessons or had coaching. You may have trotted or even cantered before without falling off.


You have at some point in your life spent more time with horses, have taken lessons or rode frequently but are now rusty or have just recently started taking lessons. You are generally comfortable riding all gaits but would NOT feel safe riding a young or spirited horse. You know how to post (rise) a trot and don’t grip on to the saddle horn while cantering.

Strong Intermediate

You ride or have ridden regularly and received riding lessons (English or Western) at some point. The last time on a horse was less than a year ago. You can post (rise) a trot and have an independent seat (do not hold on to the saddle) while cantering. You know the aids to walk, trot and canter departure and know how to ask your horse to sidestep and jump over a small obstacle.



You ride regularly. You have an independent seat, soft hands and are capable of handling any horse in open country in all three gaits. You can ride over small jumps and know the techniques to collect a horse. You are able to ride and train a young horse.


Improve your Riding

We encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about horses and riding to read about our “Earn Your Spurs” program.


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