Seasons PAss Ride Series

Exclusive to members of our Rider’s Club!

we offer regular weekend rides from late October – early May. Sign up for a series of rides for great value and make the commitment to get out riding with friends all winter. Participants must be able to catch, groom and saddle their own horses, and trot comfortably

THE details

Must be a part of the Rider Club

Regularly scheduled weekend rides from late October to early May. Rides are offered Saturday and Sunday mornings.

  • $390 for the Seasons Pass (6 pre scheduled rides)
  • $1000 for all 3 seasons

You get to join us for 6 pre-scheduled rides, in your selected season

Seasons PAss

If you are already a member of our Riders Club you are invited to join us with our Seasons Pass Rider Series.

There are 9 scheduled seasons pass rides offered every Saturday and Sunday morning between late October and Early May.

When you purchase your seasons pass you are entitled to participate in 6 of the 9 scheduled rides. If you would like to participate in more, you can do so for an additional $60/ride.

This is a fun and affordable way to get out riding consistently during the winter months!