Earn Your Spurs

Do you want to learn to ride or get your skills polished up?
We are happy to share our 35 years of knowledge in trail riding with you and teach what you need to know to enjoy the beautiful foothills and mountains on horseback.

We are offering half-day and full-day courses teaching general riding skills, horsemanship, and basics of trail riding. At the same time, you get to spend the day out at M&M Ranch enjoying the beautiful scenery of the foothills. Earn Your Spurs is great for beginners, “rusty” riders or those who just want to spend more time with horses!

Course are offered between May and October. During the winter months, we offer individual lessons for all those who don’t want to stop learning.

Level 1
  • Horse behaviour and why it is so important to know about it
  • Safety around horses
  • Catching, grooming and tacking
  • The rider’s seat and how it impacts your horse
  • Mounting, dismounting and control at walk
  • Riding up and downhill
  • Independent riding
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Level 2
  • Basic horse anatomy
  • Appropriate tack for trail riding
  • Bridling the horse
  • How to sit, post and control a trot
  • Improve reining skills at a walk
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Level 3
  • Basic horse health and needs (Vital signs, nutritional needs, recognizing most common diseases and injuries)
  • How to ask for, sit and control a canter
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